Stephen tofield the lead coach of chiltern mma has trained in martial arts for a number of years. Starting from boxing, wing chin, jeet kune do to muay thai then into MMA. When training in mma Steve found a love for Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission wrestling. 

Steve has alot of experience coaching and training martial arts and fitness. He will go the extra mile to train support and mentor you into the machine you are.

Jeet kune do concepts full instructor under paul vunak

CSW (combat submission wrestling coach)

Erik paulsons MMA program coach

STX kickboxing (savate, inosanto and thai boxing cross) coach

Erik paulson brazilian jiu jitsu coach

Gracie jiu jitsu instructor currently purple belt

Catch as catch can wrestling coach

Wing tsun technician grade 2 

Shotokan Karate blackbelt

Tae kwon do blackbelt

Thai boxing kru coach

Boxing WBA level 3 coach

Filipino martial arts instructor

Lee morrisons urban combatives instructor

Security self offense system

Judo yellow belt